October 2017 Examinations

October 2017 Examinations 

The next examination session will be on Monday 9 October 2017.  The timetable can be viewed by clicking here.  The next full examination session will be in March 2018. 

Entering Examinations - Late Entries

The deadline for submitting applications for the exam session taking place in October has now passed.   The closing date for entries was 11 August.  The IFE will endeavour to accept and process late applications up to and including 28 August 2017.  However, a late entry fee of £50 will be applied to all late applications submitted.  Candidates should note that the IFE is not able to guarantee that candidate requirements submitted as late entries can be met as not all examination centres will be able to accommodate additional candidates. 

Candidates who wish to enter for IFE examinations in October 2017 should read the following documents before completing the application form:

Application forms are available by clicking here .

Candidates are also advised to read the Rules and Information for Candidates Taking IFE Examinations in October 2017  booklet. This booklet contains information about the process followed after candidates have entered examinations, the examination conditions and relevant dates (eg for issue of results).

Reasonable Adjustments

Candidates who wish to apply for reasonable adjustments will need to complete and submit an application for reasonable adjustments.  The procedure for applying for reasonable adjustments and the relevant application form can be found on the FAQs, Policies and Procedures page.  Candidates who wish to apply for reasonable adjustments and who have not already submitted their form are requested to do so by 28 August 2017.

In case of query, candidates should email: exams@ife.org.uk.