October 2017 Examinations

Results for October 2017 Examinations

All results letters will be posted to candidates by Monday 8 January 2018.  Any candidate who has not received their results should email the IFE at exams@ife.org.uk to request an electronic copy.

General Information

Further information can be found in the Rules and Information for Candidates Taking IFE Examinations in October 2017  booklet.

In case of query, candidates should email: exams@ife.org.uk.

The next full examination session will be in March 2018.  Candidates may enter for examinations in March 2018 by downloading appropriate documents.  Please see the March 2018 Examinations page for further information. 

Result Enquiries

The closing date for submitting a result enquiry is 16th February 2018.

Information about the result enquiry process is available in the procedure document: Enquiries About Results and Appeals procedure.