The IFE is a registered charity working for societal benefit. Founded in 1918, the IFE assesses knowledge of fire and professional experience, awarding internationally recognised membership grades and fire-related qualifications. Through its Engineering Council licence as a Professional Engineering Institution, the IFE registers suitably qualified IFE members as Chartered Engineers (CEng), Incorporated Engineers (IEng) and Engineering Technicians (Eng Tech). Learning opportunities are worldwide within the IFE fire community and the IFE delivers over  7,300 fire-related exams each year which are required by many  Fire and Rescue Services for promotion both within the UK and internationally.

The IFE works within its Memorandum, Articles and By-Laws and is governed by a Board of Directors. Board trustees work in a voluntary capacity and are appointed for a term of three years. A number of professional panels, committees and technical working groups underpin the work of the IFE and the IFE’s Charitable Education Foundation supports international projects aimed at improving knowledge of fire safety for those suffering economic disadvantage.

Each IFE Branch is represented on the International General Assembly which meets twice each year to proactively share learning and to provide an important link between overseas members, the Board of Directors and IFE Head Office staff.

Located in Stratford Upon Avon UK, the IFE’s Head Office staff coordinate IFE activities and regulatory compliance, led by the CEO who is also the IFE’s Company Secretary and a member of the Board.

Membership or affiliation is open to all, regardless of role or geography, and is inclusive of those working in emergency response, fire safety, active and passive fire protection, fire engineering consultancy and fire risk assessment and enforcement.  

Meet the Board 

The 2014 Annual Report and Financial Statements, ballot form for election of members to the Board of Directors, ballot envelope, proxy form and proxy envelope will be distributed to all members during the month of May 2014.  For additional security we require members to write their members numbers in a box on the front of the ballot envelope.  All votes remain strictly confidential.  During the count the ballot envelopes are opened and the ballot paper removed for counting by the Company Secretary.  In this way, confidentiality is maintained. 

Vacancies on the Board of Directors 

Two vacancies will arise in June 2014 on the Board of Directors and all voting members (i.e. not students or affiliates) are eligible for nomination.  Interested members are asked to complete a nomination form (see attached document) and obtain confirmation of support from one proposer, two seconders and three other supporters.  Those proposing, seconding or supporting a nominee must be voting members also and may confirm their support of a nominee by email to louise.craig@ife.org.uk   Please send completed nomination forms to: CEO & Company Secretary, IFE Head Office, IFE House, 64-66 Cygnet Court, Timothy’s Bridge Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 9NW (email: louise.craig@ife.org.uk), to arrive no later than 12.00noon GMT on Friday 2nd May 2014. 

Election to the Board of Directors Candidates Details March 2014   

IFE Head Office Staff