The IFE recognises that thanks and acknowledgements are due to a number of people and organisations which have assisted and contributed so far. The list below is not complete and we would expect additions to be made in time.
Thanks to all those people and organisations eg the numerous UK Fire and Rescue Services who have contributed and thanks in advance to those who will continue, too. Thanks to the various UKFRS officers who have spent a great deal of time collecting and assisting with data collection and submission. Thank you to Fire and Emergency New Zealand.
Thank you to the various media and news organisations who have assisted with permission to use, for example, incident photographs. Thanks in particular to the support of Fire magazine and Andrew Lynch.
In particular thanks also to National Operational Guidance and National Operational Learning Programmes, the National Fire Chiefs Council and previous Chief Fire Officers Association, The Fire Brigades Union, the International General Assembly of the IFE, the IFE Board of Directors, Avon Fire and Rescue Service (support from the late CFO Kevin Pearson & ACO Rob Davis and others), the Staff of the IFE, the Firefighter Safety Special Interest Group, Roy Bishop, Neil Gibbins, Martin Shipp, Steph Morris, Kelly Doig and Eddie Robertson.
In particular thanks to all the fire service enthusiasts and historians who have so far assisted and especially to Alan House from the Firefighters Memorial Trust and Carol Jeffcock from the Fire Service College and whose dedication to collect and share historic information over the years has meant that some of the lessons do not get lost and forgotten.

This database is a credit to its designer and instigator Adam Course MIFireE who, supported by both the National Operational Guidance programme and his own Fire and Rescue Service (Avon), has turned his own recognition of the value of learning into what we expect to become a world leading firefighter safety resource. 

We look forward to working with you all and others to further the aims and objectives of the site.