Validation of CPD Hours 

The IFE validates CPD hours in relation to events, conferences and short courses.  

Where CPD hours are formally validated by the IFE, event organisers are permitted to display the distinctive IFE CPD logo (with the activity hours within) on programmes or advertising materials.  

To apply for the validation of CPD hours for specific events, activities and courses, please complete the application form  and return completed forms via email to cpd@ife.org.uk.

Continuing Professional Development for IFE Members

Since 1997, the IFE has advocated the adoption of CPD by all members as the way to further their knowledge, understanding and expertise in whatever field of Fire Engineering they practice. In order to assist its members the IFE has produced a CPD Guidance document , Recognised CPD Activity Listing and a CPD activity template for members to record their CPD activities.