The IFE strives to deliver a high standard of customer service whilst also ensuring that all of our products and services are quality assured and operated in line with best practice standards. We hope that customers will not have reason to complain about our services. We welcome feedback from all of those who purchase, or who work with us in delivering our products and services. We are committed to ongoing improvement and the feedback we receive is used to inform future developments and approaches. 

Complaints Procedure is in place in case we are unable to address any issues raised via our informal communication processes.

Anyone wishing to submit a formal complaint should follow the process set out in the Complaints Procedure. All complaints must be submitted in writing and must include the full name, address and contact details of the person making the complaint (IFE will not respond to anonymous complaints), the detail of the complaint (ie the specific reason for the complaint and any supporting information) and, as relevant, any key dates.

Complaints should be emailed to or may be submitted via letter to Corporate Services Support at IFE's Stratford address.