Fire Risk Auditors' Register

What is an IFE Fire Risk Registered Auditor?

Nick Coombe FIFireE from London Fire Brigade explains: "IFE registered auditors are serving enforcement officers from authorities who enforce the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. To be admitted to the register of Fire Risk Auditors, they have reached the equivalent standard as Risk Assessors; however they do not undertake Risk Assessments and therefore should not be contacted to undertake these.

"Fire Risk Auditors audit Risk Assessments as part of their Authority's risk based inspection programme. If you have any issues regarding compliance please contact your local fire and rescue authority and not the individual named on the register."

The map below shows the geographic location of all the Fire Risk Auditors on our Register. Please click into your geographical area to find Auditors close to you. Please use the keyword search to search all auditor records for your key word or term.

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