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The power of volunteering

Volunteers are a driving force within the IFE. From reviewing applications and examinations to sitting on committees, they volunteer their knowledge and expertise to help maintain the high standards that build confidence in our professionalism and practice.


The burning issue of wildfires

Around the world wildfires are taking hold like never before, putting communities, lives, vital infrastructure, buildings, livelihoods, the environment and air quality at risk. It is a major challenge for our members on the frontline around the world and sadly lives have been lost.


Adopting a proportionate and evidence-based approach to safety

The end of last month saw the UK government issue its proportionality statement with a recommendation that EWS1 forms should not be requested for buildings below 18m.


What is a fire engineer?

Fire engineering has become a vast subject since the inception of the IFE in 1918 and everyone you speak to in the industry will probably offer a different definition of what a fire engineer is.


Building trust starts with competency

Our online CPD hub is now a year old. Already proving popular with members worldwide, it is set to evolve as the profession adapts to global changes in fire engineering, prevention, protection and response.