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16 April 2018

Call for members' responses - fire performance of cladding products

The Institution is part of the Steering Group for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) project on fire performance of cladding products and met for the first time last week. The aim of this project is to investigate the burning behaviour of selected types of non-ACM building cladding products using physical testing at bench/intermediate scale in a laboratory setting to identify materials of potential concern so that MHCLG can consider the risk of their contributing to external fire spread when used as part of a system and ensure that its guidance is adequate.

Steering Group members have been invited to provide information on behalf of the organisations they represent as input to the Project.

The following three questions have been formulated for Steering Group members to seek wider input from members of the organisations that they represent.

Question 1 relating to the Literature review

Do you have relevant information that you would like to make the project team aware of? Please give details, references and/or provide reports.

 Closing date for responses: Close of business Thursday 19th April 2018

Question 2 relating to the types of products to be selected for experimental work

What are the products/materials currently being used as elements within a cladding system which you believe may give cause for concern in relation to fire performance? Please supply as much of the following information as possible;

  1. Trade name and generic description of product
  2. Extent of use in cladding systems within England (and UK)
  3. Reason why this product is causing concern 

Closing date for responses: Close of business Tuesday 24th April 2018

Question 3 relating to the methodology for the experimental work

At this stage, do you have any views or comments on what you would like to see in the methodology for the experimental work – please remember that this project is only considering elemental performance in fire of products, it is not considering system performance.

 Closing date for responses: Close of business Tuesday 1st May 2018

Please send your input here and direct any questions to the same.

 Kind regards,

Dr Peter Wilkinson, IFE Chairman


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