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01 February 2021

Important changes to IFE’s March exams

Due to the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic, a number of changes have been made to the IFE examination offering for 2021.

With IFE’s exams offered globally there are a number of factors and Covid guidance that has had to be considered when planning for exams, and some areas have been more affected than others. Wherever it is possible and safe to do so, the IFE examination venues will continue to make the March exams available. However, due to varying local restrictions, and in some cases it not being possible to offer our candidates a Covid secure environment, some of our centres are unable to run the March exams.

The IFE team recognises the importance of the exams and their value to candidates and this has remained at the forefront of our minds throughout this challenge. It has been of our utmost importance to limit the impact to those affected and we have alternative solutions in place to help do this. Anyone directly affected by a venue closure will be contacted directly by the IFE examinations team.

You can read more about the March 2021 exam changes here.


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