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06 April 2018

Leicester heritage panel features IFE

In its centennial year the IFE is delighted that a heritage panel has been installed outside Central Fire & Rescue Station in Leicester featuring the Institution as part of the station’s history.

The panel is just one of the many points of information dotted around the city which detail the 2,000-year history of Leicester. The panel outside of Central Fire & Rescue Station tells the story of the city’s fire brigade and the creation of the station in 1927 which was regarded as one of the most advanced fire stations in the country.

The IFE is referred to in the panel because of its roots dating back to Leicester in 1918 when the then Chief Officer of Leicester Fire Brigade, Henry Neal, formed with IFE with a group of other Chief Officers.

As part of this unveiling, the IFE also features on the Story of Leicester website.

To view the content of the panel click here.


Steve Neal   06/02/2019 at 20:27

very interesting reading about my great grandfather Henry Neal, and his time with the fire service

Test CSRF   06/11/2020 at 05:27

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