Information for Centres

March 2021 Examinations

The Examination Centre Handbook for March 2021 has been updated and this now contains the revised timetable for March 2021 examinations.   The handbook can be downloaded here .  

Centre Managers and those supporting the IFE examinations in other roles such as Invigilators are also asked to read the guidance on managing examinations safely.  This guidance has been provided by DfE to assist centres in planning and managing examinations during the pandemic.   The guidance is available here .

All examination centre team members should read the Examination Centre Handbook before conducting examinations as it includes important information on:

  • The role of examination centres and the specific responsibilities of Invigilators and Centre Managers
  • Preparations for examinations
  • Invigilation processes
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Malpractice

Centre Management Form

Each centre is asked to complete an Examination Centre Management form for each examination session. Centres are required to confirm their commitment to meet the centre responsibilities and to set out the arrangements that are in place to manage the examinations.

New Centres

Potential centres must first contact to discuss arrangements and to confirm that they can meet the responsibilities of an IFE Examination Centre.