March 2019 Examination Sessions

March 2019 Examinations 


Results letters will be posted to all candidates.  The IFE is not able to give results over the telephone.  The timetable for the IFE to put letters in the post to candidates containing results for the March 2019 examinations is as follows:

Qualification (and Units)

Results to be posted to candidates by:

Level 2 Certificate in Fire Science, Operations and Safety

24 June 2019

Level 3 Certificate in Fire Science, Operations, Fire Safety and Management

24 June 2019

Level 4 Certificate in Fire Science and Fire Safety

Level 2 Certificate in Passive Fire Protection

Level 3 Certificate in Passive Fire Protection

1 July 2019

Level 3 Diploma in Fire Science and Fire Safety

8 July 2019

 General Information

Candidates who have entered  March examinations will find information about the examinations in the documents below:

  • Terms and Conditions - all candidates must ensure that they are aware of the terms and conditions as they will be required to confirm their agreement to abide by the terms when they complete the booking form.
  • Candidates are also advised to read the Rules and Information for Candidates Taking IFE Examinations in March 2019 booklet. This booklet contains information about examination arrangements, the rules relevant to examination conditions and relevant dates (eg for issue of results).   General information is also provided in the FAQs and other documents available on this website.



In case of any query, candidates should email: