March 2020 Examinations

March 2020 Examinations

Examination Results

All results have now been posted to candidates.  The date shown in green in the timetable below is the date the post left the IFE.

The IFE is unable to provide results over the telephone. 

Qualification (and Units)

Results to be posted to candidates on:

Level 2 Certificate in Fire Science, Operations and Safety

22 June 2020

Posted: 19 June 2020

Level 3 Certificate in Fire Science, Operations, Fire Safety and Management

22 June 2020

Posted: 22 June 2020

Level 4 Certificate in Fire Science and Fire Safety

Level 2 Certificate in Passive Fire Protection

Level 3 Certificate in Passive Fire Protection

29 June 2020

Posted: 29 June 2020

Level 3 Diploma in Fire Science and Fire Safety

6 July 2020

Posted: 6 July 2020


Enquiries about Results (Re-Marks)

Candidates who have been unsuccesful in their examination(s) may email IFE to find out the mark(s) they achieved.   Please email:  Please be aware that the IFE will be responding to numerous emails at this time.  We will try to respond to all emails quickly but please allow at least three weeks for responses.  Please note that the IFE is unable to provide individual feedback as to why candidates were unsuccessful.  Candidates are advised to read the Examiner Report on the examination(s) that they sat as this may provide information of relevance to them.

Candidates who disagree with their result(s) and wish to request a re-mark should first read the Result Enquiries and Appeals Procedure .  This document contains information on processes, fees and the relevant timelines.  The final date for requesting a re-mark was 10 August 2020.  As this date has passed, the IFE is no longer accepting requests for re-marks.

All re-marks have been completed.  


Enquiries should be emailed to: