March 2020 Examinations

March 2020 Examinations


The March 2020 examinations will take place on 12 and 13 March.  To view the timetable, please click here 

 Examination Information

Please note: the IFE is unable to accept any further bookings for March 2020 examinations.  

The closing date for entries for the March 2020 examinations was 8 December 2019.  Candidates who awaited results from October 2019 examinations should contact the IFE if they wish to make a late booking or change an existing entry; this option is available only until 15 January.  Candidates should email the IFE in the first instance at

Candidates who have entered for IFE examinations in March 2020 should read the following documents:

Reasonable Adjustments

Candidates who wish to apply for reasonable adjustments will need to complete and submit an application for reasonable adjustments. The procedure for applying for reasonable adjustments and the relevant application form can be found on the FAQs, Policies and Procedures page.   Candidates who wish to access reasonable adjustments must ensure that their application form has been submitted by 27 January 2020 at the latest.