IFE's Centenary Memory Box campaign

As part of the IFE's centenary celebrations, we invite you to help shape IFE history with the IFE Centenary Memory Box campaign.

IFE100We want you to share your thoughts or even images on the IFE in 2018, detail your stories about the Institution or the sector, your thoughts about the future of the IFE or any challenges the sector is facing. Jot these down in a message to 'The IFE of the future' and email it to communications@ife.org.uk and we will collate, print and store them in a sealed box in our archives along with the instruction "not to be opened until 31st October 2068"; our 150th anniversary.

Your messages will create an important historical record of the IFE and fire sector today as well as the thoughts and feelings of people working within our industry.

Submit your message here