October 2019 Examinations

October 2019 Examinations


The results of the examinations which took place on Monday 7 October 2019 were posted on Friday 3 January 2020. 

Candidates are requested to allow time for the post to reach them before requesting that results should be re-sent or emailed to them.   Candidates who have moved address and omitted to update their information with the IFE should email the IFE with details of their new address.   Please note that the IFE is unable to provide information about results by telephone.

Result Enquiries  (Re-Marks)

Candidates who wish to submit an enquiry about their result should read the Enquiries about Results and Appeals Procedure .  This document contains information on the re-mark service, the relevant timelines and the fees.  Candidates should note that the IFE is unable to process requests for result enquiries that are submitted after 10 February 2020.   All result enquiries will be completed by 27 March 2020.  Candidates who have booked to take examinations in March 2020 should ensure that they state this on the result enquiry form.

All requests for a result enquiry should be submitted using the appropriate form.  The form can be downloaded by clicking here .

General enquiries should be emailed to exams@ife.org.uk

 General Information

In case of query, please email: exams@ife.org.uk