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A Political Analysis of the British Fire Service

Britain's history as the first nation to industrialise and whose Fire Service has been called upon to protect the country in war and peace, has contributed to the unique relationship which exists between the Service's various stakeholders. Principal officers of the British Fire Service have many pressures placed upon them in order to provide a generally accepted high standard of service to the community at large. While chief fire officers and senior officers must remain apolitical, regard must be taken of the political and social scene, both nationally and locally. In today's democratically dominated 'open' society those groups or individuals that exert pressure and influence the Service play an increasingly important part in determining direction of the future. This book provides a wealth of information and an objective viewpoint from which further study into many facets may be made. The study is useful to those who want to understand or gain an insight into the reasons why the Fire Service is in its present situation of organisation and high public esteem. (Author - L. Leckie)

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