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Introduction to the Fire Safety Engineering of Structures (2003)

The design of building structures for fire is developing at a significant pace in line with fire safety engineering as a whole. It is certainly starting to have a growing impact on the way structures are designed, procured and specified in many countries throughout the world. New procedures, advanced analytical methods and improved risk assessment techniques are now available to the experienced engineer to support performance-based design for the fire load case. However this knowledge tends to be in the hands of a few specialists and consequently the Institution of Structural Engineers has identified the need for guidance at a level that will be of value to a wide range of construction professionals. This guidance has been prepared to provide the engineer, the architect, the regulatory authorities and other construction industry professionals with the inspiration to develop safer and better value solutions for the performance of building structures during fire. There is a considerable opportunity for the engineer and the architect to work together to develop improved designs based on new and developing technologies within a sensible regulatory framework. This document should be of benefit to:

· architects looking for better solutions
· controlling authorities wishing to ask the right questions
· engineers seeking to develop new skills and approaches as technology develops in fire safety engineering
· contractors, manufacturers and suppliers who want to appreciate the broader approach being adopted with a view to adapting their products and future development.

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