Steve Helps MIFireE - Branch Secretary, Membership Branch Contact and International General Assembly Representative (Alternate)

Email: shelps@syfire.gov.uk
Tel: 0114 2727 202

Other Contacts

James Courtney CFO MIFireE - Branch President

Stewart Nicholson MIFireE - International General Assembly Represenative
Email: snicholson@syfire.gov.uk

Gavin Jones - Treasurer
Email: gjones@syfire.gov.uk

Wayne Hayward MIFireE - Contact for Examinations
Email: whayward@syfire.gov.uk

Ian Bitcon - West Yorkshire Group Contact
Email: ian.bitcon@westyorksfire.gov.uk

Carl Boasman GIFireE - North Yorkshire Group Contact
Email: carl.boasman@northyorksfire.gov.uk

Steve Topham GIFireE - Humberside Group Contact
Email: stopham@humbersidefire.gov.uk

Andy Cole MIFireE - Humberside Group Contact
Email: andy.cole@nelincs.gov.uk

Adam Young - Exam Branch Contact
Email: ayoung@syfire.gov.uk


Humberside, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.