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07 August 2014

IFE AGM and International Conference 2014 Review

Delegates and speakers from around the World were welcomed to this year's AGM and International Conference held at Stratford upon Avon.

AGM and International Conference Review

Presenters slides can be found here.  Videos of presenters will follow in due course.

Peter Wilkinson - IFE Registrants Group - current status and future direction

Mostyn Bullock - The IFE International Web - Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Peter O'Reilly - UK Competence framework for Fire Safety Officers

Gary Ferrard - CFOA business safety group - acting to protect UK business from fire

Jim Crawford - The US perspective

Dr David Launder - The Australian perspective

Phil Martin - Practical application of prevention data

Martin Shipp/Adam Course - Learning from incidents

Ciara Holland / Dave Bulbrook - Operational Guidance - fires in the built environment


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