Fire Risk Assessors Register

The IFE’s Fire Risk Register of Assessor’s is a register of individual assessors who carry out fire risk assessments for life safety.

Listing within this website register is proof of registration and assessors are issued with a Fire Risk Register of Assessors Life Safety logo. This website register is continuously maintained in a current and up-to-date state and only individuals who appear in this website listing are current IFE registered fire risk assessors.

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The map below shows the geographic location of all the Fire Risk Assessors on our Register. If you are looking for a Fire Risk Assessor local to your area, please click into the map and zoom into your geographical area to find Assessors close to you. 

Alternatively, you can use the 'Area Covered by Assessor' dropdown menu to find Assessors who carry out work in your area. If you are looking for a specific individual on the IFE Fire Risk Register please use the alphabetical selection option which is listed by surname.

If you are unable to view the interactive map you may need to download the latest version of Google Chrome.

Brown, Paul Marcus EngTech MIFireE

Lead Fire Engineer and Fire Risk Assessor for Freya Comprehensive Fire Solutions with experience in all areas of fire safety and fire legislation. I have over 16 years' experience in fire safety both as an enforcement officer for a Fire and Rescue Service and as a Fire Engineer. I have experience working on all types of premises from simple shops up to complex buildings such as hospitals, shopping centres, heritage premises and residential developments.

Freya are able to offer support in all fields of fire safety and guidance to assit in ensuring legal compliance.

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Please note many of the Fire Risk Assessors listed operate on a national level.