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13 November 2017

Latest fire-related research revealed at RE17

The popular annual Fire Related Research and Developments (RE17) event returned for its 21st year last week with delegates coming from around the world.

Hosted by the West Midlands Fire Service at their Birmingham Headquarters, the event provided an opportunity for practitioners and academics to discuss cutting-edge research across the fire-related disciplines.

Contributions came from a broad range of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, science, technology, leadership, management and engineering, presented by speakers from the UK and overseas. Delegates were able to select from a wide choice of presentations, with each generating much discussion and debate throughout the day.

“The positive response to our call for presentations each year testifies to the value and appeal of this unique conference"

Presentations covered topics including fighting fires in particular environments; understanding and addressing preventable fire deaths; hazard based perception, training and assessment; firefighter health, safety and wellbeing; fire-related risk environments and working with fire service data.

Dr Anne Eyre from the RE17 event team, said: “The positive response to our call for presentations each year testifies to the value and appeal of this unique conference. We are always interested to hear from researchers and reflective practitioners keen to share their work and promote best practice across the fire community.”

Dr Graham Cory, IFE CEO, added: “It was encouraging to see, not just how the various sciences are advancing our understanding of fire in its many aspects, but how this theoretical understanding is being translated into action on the ground. Events such as this provide welcome opportunities for delegates to exchange ideas with people from across the fire-related world — not to mention the British-developed robot, chaperoned by humans from QinetiQ who provided an insight into the use of remote controlled vehicles in various emergency scenarios.

“All in all, it was an exciting day that generated lively conversation and debate. We are all looking forward to RE18.”

The presentations and the poster abstracts, displayed throughout the day, were judged by an independent panel, with awards being presented to Merle Missoweit from Fraunhofer INT and Piotr Tofilo from Main School of Fire Service, Warsaw, for their FIRE-IN project poster; and to Dr David Crundall from Nottingham Trent University for his presentation on hazard perception in fire appliance drivers. The awards were presented by sponsors Gore and Fire magazine.

Thank you to our delegates, speakers and award sponsors for supporting RE17 and making the event a huge success.


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