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04 May 2020

Free online CPD now available for all IFE members and registrants

 The IFE has launched access to free online CPD through the MyIFE Portal. It is available for all IFE members and registrants of any level and there is certainly something for everyone. Alongside reissuing CPD content from past conferences, we have been developing our own CPD over the last few weeks, collaborating with industry professionals to create a series of sessions suitable for all grades of membership.

Our first collaboration is already live on the portal and is led by Steve Emery, Chair of the IFE Heritage Special Interest Group. This short session focusses on Heritage Buildings and Fire, giving viewers an insight into the importance of the historic environment and the role that we, the IFE, have in protecting these monuments of the past internationally. Objectives will also cover; legislation surrounding heritage buildings; heritage buildings vulnerability to fire and the fire performance dilemma; and the way heritage buildings are protected in the UK alongside the cause and results of recent fires.

We also have links to a collection of FRED podcasts that are available to stream, along with recorded CPD sessions from past IFE International Conferences. These include Passive Fire Protection workshops, ‘Competency and Ethics in the Fire Service’ and ‘Women in Engineering, how does the Fire sector compare?’

If all of this wasn’t enough, there is also a hub of external online CPD opportunities that provide even more information, opportunities and guidance for learning. These include international CPD sessions from UL, webinars and sessions from the FIA website and a whole host of other learning platforms.

Once you have completed a CPD session, you can easily head over to MyCareerPath® to update your log and record those all-important CPD hours!

We are developing more free sessions which will be uploaded to the portal. Keep an eye on the MyIFE Portal and our social media accounts for further updates. If you have not yet activated your MyIFE Portal account, contact membership@ife.org.uk to receive your unique URL.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us online and access the IFE CPD Hub alongside a wealth of other member benefits.



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