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05 October 2020

Setting the Bar - the final report of the Competence Steering Group

Today marks a milestone for our industry with the release of the Setting the Bar report published by the Competence Steering Group (CSG) which the IFE has been heavily involved with.

The CSG was set up following the Grenfell tragedy to improve competence in the built environment. This work was initiated by the recommendations of Dame Judith Hackitt’s review ‘Building a Safer Future’ which identified the need for competent persons to help make buildings safe as a key priority. The IFE took a central role in developing the industry response as a founder member of the CSG, leading the fire engineers group and giving support to many others, especially Building Control, Fire and Rescue, Risk Assessors and the overarching engineers group.

The report represents two years of work that has brought 150 organisations together and the output is clear. Everyone taking on a safety related role in the design, construction and management of buildings should be competent in their role. Those with critical roles should have their competence tested and assured and the systems to provide that assurance are in place for all involved in fire engineering through membership of the IFE and registration through its Engineering Council licence.

To view the Setting the Bar report click here. Alongside the report, the CSG has also published a separate report covering the new role of Building Safety Manager; Safer People, safer homes: Building Safety Management. Click here to read the CSG’s press release.


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