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04 January 2018

Call for members' responses - Dame Judith Hackitt interim report

Following the publication of Dame Judith Hackitt's interim report the IFE has been analysing the points that are pertinent to the Institution and our objectives. To that end we have sent a communication to other organisations that we feel we should be working with to help deliver the changes Dame Judith suggests. A copy of this communication can be viewed here .

We are calling for our members' views. In the communication there are a number of questions we have posed - can you please consider them from your perspective, as a member, and share thoughts or ideas that you may have that could help deliver the objectives set out by Dame Judith? Neil Gibbins is co-ordinating our approach to this. Please email messages to him at neil.gibbins@ife.org.uk.

Please be aware that there is a summit meeting on the 22nd January 2018, which we need to be attending that day with solutions that have the support of the IFE membership. Please let us have your views. 



Peter Cowland   04/01/2018 at 14:49

Forgive me for seeking clarification but is not the Fire Sector Federation, to which many of the interested parties referred to belong, are already dealing / leading in this matter? My concern is that shluld be just one co- ordinated response rather than several in this most important

Bob Bantock   04/01/2018 at 17:54

Hopefully, I will have time to make a response, but it is worth noting that there were additional recommendations in the interim report as well as item 1.73. Therefore, any response should be mindful of the wider recommendations which have been referred to. For example: 1.7 It became clear quite early in the review that there is a need for significant improvement in the current system in a number of areas. These relate to matters of: • regulation and guidance; • roles and responsibilities; • competence; • process, compliance and enforcement; • residents’ voice and raising concerns; and • quality assurance and products. Therefore, maybe the IFE response should state that it is responding to one item or one area only?

Paul Bussey   05/01/2018 at 05:46

(Cont’d) The RIBA are developing a further lab of work which integrates most of the issues raised by Judith Hackitt review, which we are keen to now develop into a culture change within the construction industry but the specially on architectural projects. By liaison with all the involved organisations we are now in a position to finalise this plan .

Nitin Singh   07/01/2018 at 11:38

I have applied and paid fees too but yet not got email or have unknowingly deleted the mail.. Please resend me pre registration mail. Regards Nitin singh

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