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12 March 2020

COVID-19 An IFE International Headquarters update

14 December 2020

Whilst IFE headquarters staff are continuing to work remotely in line with the UK’s government guidance, the team are available to answer queries in the usual manner by telephone or email.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team who are on hand to assist you with any queries and can be contacted via the main line 01789 261463 or individual’s direct lines. Email addresses for the various departments can also be viewed here.

Further to the previous update, the posting of membership cards and certificates has now resumed. Please be aware that items being posted may take a little longer to be delivered to you whilst staff are required to work remotely.

We will continue to provide updates via this news page to ensure you have the latest information.

5 November 2020

Following the announcement of the UK lockdown, the IFE HQ team are now working remotely. As ever, the team remain on hand to help with any enquiries, and all meetings will continue digitally. All services remain in place with the exception of the posting of membership cards and certificates which are on hold during the period of the UK lockdown and will be reviewed on 2nd December. The online shop will remain open; please be aware that items being posted may take a little longer to be delivered to you whilst staff are required to work remotely.

Contacting the IFE

In the first instance, we ask you to continue to contact the IFE via email in order for your enquiry to be actioned as quickly as possible. Should you need to speak to a member of staff urgently, you can request a call back using our online contact form here. Please include details of the nature of your enquiry so it can be forwarded to the appropriate team or individual as quickly as possible.

Membership renewals

If you need to make a payment this can be completed online via your MyIFE portal, where you can also view invoices, update your contact details or preferences and access our CPD Hub.

The IFE Executive and senior management team will continue to review the UK government guidelines and update you on any new developments as necessary.

16 September 2020

Since our last update the IFE is pleased to announce developments to the services we are now able to offer. The online shop has re-opened with all products on sale, and the membership cards and certificates are being posted on a regular basis. Please be aware that due to demand on the postal systems, these items may take a little longer than normal to reach you.

The IFE HQ team continue to work flexibly with staff now combining office and home-based working. Whilst we are operating a restricted phone service, we ask in the first instance that enquiries are emailed to the respective teams. To contact membership and registration please email membership@ife.org.uk and for education enquiries please email exams@ife.org.uk. For all other enquiries including events and finance please contact info@ife.org.uk.

The Institution is continuing to work effectively with virtual provisions in place for meetings and panel reviews. Branches are hosting events digitally and the CPD Hub is frequently updated with new online content and webinars of interest to our members. You can get the latest updates and event details via the IFE’s social media channels; simply follow us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

We are extremely thankful for our volunteers and staff whose efforts have driven the Institution forward during these challenging times. The IFE will continue to provide information via this news page to ensure you have the latest updates.

5 June 2020

Since our last update, a great deal of work has been going on behind the scenes to ensure it is very much business as usual at the IFE. Staff and volunteers continue to work remotely, and virtual facilities have been utilised across the organisation to host online meetings, including those of the Membership Application Assessment Panel, IFE Registrant Group and the Fire Risk Assessors Panel.

We were delighted to launch our new online CPD hub last month, which features a range of content that both members and registrants of any level can view and add to their CPD log. Presentations from our SIGs and past IFE International Conference sessions are included, as well as links to external content from UL, FIA and FRED Talk Live. We are continuing to add new content to the hub, ensuring a whole range of CPD is readily available to our members and registrants during this current climate and beyond.

In our previous update we let you know that we have chosen to postpone the IFE International Conference and AGM 2020. We are now looking at how we can host these events in a way that keeps everyone safe. It is therefore likely that the AGM will be hosted in London alongside a smaller conference. Provisions are being explored for those who are unable to attend in person and we will, of course, provide more information once these plans have been finalised.

With the next session of IFE exams due to take place in October, we understand that candidates may need access to our Online Shop for support materials. We can confirm that the Elementary Fire Engineering Handbook (IFE50) is now available to purchase through the shop, which will support candidates across the range of exams available later this year. Please be aware that due to the current circumstances, delivery of your order may take longer than usual. The rest of the Online Shop will continue to remain closed until further notice.

As ever, the priority continues to be the welfare and safety of the IFE’s staff, volunteers and membership. The IFE Executive and senior management team will continue to review the UK government guidelines and update you on any new developments as necessary.

Should you have any queries or require support from the team, please continue to contact staff by email in the first instance. To contact membership and registration please email membership@ife.org.uk, for education enquiries please email exams@ife.org.uk. For all other enquiries including events and finance please contact info@ife.org.uk.

30 March 2020

An update from the CEO

Dear all,

I wanted to spend a short time updating you on the IFE’s approach to maintaining business continuity during the pandemic.

As you know IFE International HQ is based in the UK and is therefore subject to the situation pertaining to the UK and the current UK Government advice. To protect the staff and to ensure we maintain our services to members, we have taken the decision to ask staff to carry out their roles and responsibilities remotely wherever possible and reduce any activities at HQ to the minimum required to keep the Institution functioning successfully. I am pleased to report that the team at HQ in conjunction with our tremendous band of volunteers have pulled out all the stops to ensure that all the core functions of the Institution are working.

We understand you will have questions at this time and we have done our best to answer the main ones below:

Your Questions Answered

The IFE continues to function and serve its members and, with some small adjustments, I can see no reason why this cannot continue for the duration of this global crisis.

Roy Bishop OBE QFSM FIFireE
Chief Executive Officer
The Institution of Fire Engineers

19 March 2020

IFE International Conference and AGM 2020
We have taken the difficult decision to reschedule the IFE International Conference and AGM to October/November 2020. The decision has been taken in consideration of the recent spread of the virus, as well as the impact of current and likely ongoing travel restrictions in the UK and worldwide. As the UK government guidance has advised for all members of the public to practice social distancing, we feel we need to uphold a duty-of-care to our community and postpone the event for the health and wellbeing of our membership and supporters.

All exhibitor and delegate bookings will be moved over to these new dates once they are confirmed and the location will stay the same, that of Birmingham, UK. If you are booked on to any part of the event and no longer wish to attend, please get in touch with marketing@ife.org.uk.

All scheduled meetings with HQ employees including Membership Application Assessment Panels and IFE Registrant Group meetings will be moved to a virtual platform wherever is possible and if this affects you as a volunteer then you will be provided with the relevant information by your contacts.

The priority is and continues to be the welfare and safety of all of the IFE’s staff, volunteers and membership and we hope you can understand why these actions have been taken. We would recommend all branches look at their own events schedules and abide by their own governmental rules and advice when making decisions about whether to continue providing these face-to-face or moving to virtual meetings.

17 March 2020

The IFE International Headquarters staff are working more flexibly in order to comply with UK government advice, this does include some remote working.

To facilitate enquiries, the main switchboard will be open for calls from 10:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday. To assist HQ staff we ask that, in the first instance, you direct all enquiries to our main email addresses.

To contact membership and registration please email membership@ife.org.uk, for education enquiries please email exams@ife.org.uk. For all other enquiries including events and finance please contact info@ife.org.uk.

Thank you for your support.

12 March 2020

All of the IFE March Examinations will be going ahead as normal at this time. The IFE has been keeping fully updated with the World Health Organisation’s advice alongside the UK Government’s recommendations (where the majority of our examination centres are located) and this decision is based on these recommendations.

It has been determined that for most candidates there is no immediate risk in taking the examinations, providing it does not contradict with their country’s current measures in dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak. If you are taking your examinations in one of the centres in a country where government advice has determined that the examination venues should not operate you will have received direct contact to explain the situation.

10 March 2020

As an international Membership organisation, here at International Headquarters we are actively monitoring the situation with the Executive and senior management team. Engaging with advice issued by WHO to assess the global impact, alongside the recommendations issued by UK Government services to ensure that any issues or concerns are mitigated from a business continuity perspective.

At present there is no change to the service you will be receiving from our International Headquarters team and no change to scheduled events from International Headquarters. We would strongly advise that precautions are taken based on your own local government/healthcare advice.

We will maintain a dialogue through this news page to provide you with any and all updates that may occur from the IFE as the situation changes.


Andy James   26/03/2020 at 15:35

I’ve spent some time today researching if businesses can delay the maintenance of some equipment under PPM due to the outbreak of COVID-19 as part of their business continuity. From my research today, I can conclude this is simply based on a risk assessment approach. Would the IFE be able to advise me on that?

Clive Lewis   08/04/2020 at 12:19

I am trying to give some advice to Responsible Persons in regards to Fire Risk Assessments we have carried out. What is the Institutions advice in regards to Reviewing and Revising Fire Risk Assessments to Premises with regards to some of them being in receipt of reduced Staffing levels, some being empty and Fire Risk Assessment in regards to Staff working remotely, sometimes in their own homes?

Clark Murray   08/04/2020 at 13:05

Due to the slow down in work, it seems a good time to apply to the Engineering Council to be registered as an engineering technician. Are these applications being accepted? Regards Clark

David Gough   23/04/2020 at 08:44

Having sat IFE exams back in March, will the current global situation have an impact on test papers being marked and the results sent out,.

Anthony Jones   29/04/2020 at 16:26

What will happen with the IFE results normally due in June and are the exams in October still planned

Suraj Balkaran   31/07/2020 at 02:08

I been paying Ife membership fees since 2005 until present

Kevin Barker   12/05/2021 at 11:52

Hi I am looking for information with regards to etfe membrane roofing completed a fire risk assessment but cannot find much information on etfe membranes fire retardant qualities any advice much appreciated

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