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07 November 2018

IFE announces new Board of Directors

The IFE is pleased to announce its new Board of Directors for 2018-19 following the installation of two new Trustees.

The new Board of Directors was announced at the IFE’s 95th AGM last week which took place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on 31st October. The newest Board members are Trent Fearnley from our New Zealand branch and Kristen Salzer-Frost.

Following the AGM, the first meeting of the new Board was held during which the Chairman and Vice Chairman positions were appointed. The new IFE Board of Directors now consists of Grant Lupton, Chairman; Richard Fowler, International President 2018-19 and Vice Chairman; Peter Holland, Vice Chairman; Graham Cory, Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary;  Hao-giang Tay, Andrew Sharrad, Bruce Varner, Kristen Salzer-Frost, Trent Fearnley and Gary Daniels.

View the IFE’s Board of Directors and read their individual profiles here


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