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11 November 2020

IFE installs new International President at 97th Annual General Meeting

The IFE is pleased to introduce the 2020-2021 International President, Andrew Sharrad GradCert EngTech CFIFireE.

Andrew was installed as International President at the IFE's 97th AGM on Tuesday 3rd November. Despite not being able to complete the formal, physical hand over that we are all used to seeing, a digital handover was carried out by former 2019-2020 International President Bruce Varner CFIFireE. IFE members are able to watch a recording of the AGM via the MyIFE Portal.

Andrew’s first official duty in his new role as International President was closing the Fire 2020 conference, which took place virtually on Wednesday 4th November. In his address to the delegates, Andrew discussed the changes that will be coming into force across various parts of the building and construction industry, through professional bodies working to lift the competency and professionalism of practitioners. In particular, the need for greater fire safety engineering resources and skills will be the key to success for this global reform agenda.

Andrew commented: “Becoming International President is an exceptional honour and I am looking forward to working with branches, volunteers and IFE HQ over the next year as we as an Institution continue to make the world safer from fire.

“I would also like to thank Bruce for his ongoing dedication and support, especially during a challenging year as International President. I look forward to working closely with Bruce in his new role as immediate Past President, and I know I will gain so much from his knowledge and experience.”

On the Fire 2020 conference, Andrew said: “Closing Fire 2020 was a great way to start my presidency. Joining forces with the Fire Protection Association (FPA) and the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has allowed us to provide a comprehensive programme covering some of the most important and topical issues the global fire sector is facing today.”

Andrew has been an involved member of the IFE for many years, having served as President of the Australia Branch where he has been heavily involved in membership recruitment and CPD events, along with serving as the International General Assembly Leader and Vice Leader from 2012 to 2014.

Andrew’s career in the fire sector started in 1986 when he joined the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS), before joining the Institution of Fire Engineers in 1997 as a Graduate member. After 16 years of experience both on the IFE Australia Board and with his experience at MFS, Andrew gained IFE Member grade in 2013 and then Fellow grade and EngTech qualification in 2014.

As International President, Andrew sits on the IFE Board of Directors, along with 11 other fire sector professionals.

You can view the full IFE Board of Directors here.


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