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23 June 2021

IFE launches Women in Fire Engineering Networking Group

As we celebrate the 8th International Women in Engineering Day today, we are excited to announce the launch of the IFE's new Women in Fire Engineering Networking Group.

This group has been established to connect like-minded experts who wish to promote and support females within the fire engineering profession. We hope this group will be a useful platform for discussion, debate and for raising awareness of issues affecting women in fire engineering.

IFE CEO Steve Hamm comments: “As the international professional body for those in the fire sector, we believe it is vital to attract and encourage fire engineering talent from all sections of society as we advance and improve the knowledge, practice and recognition of all fire professionals. We hope this new networking group will allow people to share experiences, knowledge and opportunities for women in the fire engineering profession.

Requests to join this group are welcome and encouraged from anyone who has an interest in promoting females within fire engineering. You do not need to be a member of the IFE to join.

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