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10 January 2018

IFE reveals new Firefighter Safety Database at centenary launch

Image 1 - Sir Peter Soulsby unveils IFE plaqueThe Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) launched the new Firefighter Safety Database as part of its centenary celebrations held at Leicester’s Central Fire and Rescue Station yesterday.

The database is the innovation of the IFE’s International General Assembly which comprises representatives from each of the Institution’s 42 international branches. The IFE developed the database alongside the National Operational Learning (NOL) arm of the UK’s National Operational Guidance (NOG) with the aim of providing information, gathered from around the world, on incidents where firefighters died or where their safety was seriously compromised. By sharing this information, we hope to greatly reduce casualty rates at future incidents.

The database launch formed part of the IFE’s centennial year opening event, held in its birthplace of Leicester. Hosted by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service and attended by some of the UK’s most distinguished figures in the fire and rescue sector, the event concluded with the unveiling of a centenary plaque by City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby. Sir Peter also started the IFE’s centenary torch relay in which the torch will travel to IFE branches around the globe throughout 2018, tracked in an online journal here.

Sir Peter said: “It is a pleasure to welcome the IFE back to its birthplace as it launches its centenary year celebrations. With its commitment to enhancing professional standards and technical competence, not least through its internationally-acclaimed fire-related qualifications, the IFE in 2018 has vindicated the hopes and aspirations of its founding fathers; which are as vitally important today as they were 100 years ago.”

Rick Taylor, Chief Fire and Rescue Officer at Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service were delighted with the Institution of Fire Engineers’ decision to celebrate its 100th anniversary with us here in Leicester – the birth place of IFE, where it all began in 1918.

“This is a fantastic achievement, and the IFE should be proud of everything they have accomplished for all fire and rescue services in the UK during this time. The new centenary plaque, kindly unveiled by Sir Peter Soulsby, will be displayed for many years to come and will showcase the achievements of the IFE to anyone that visits Central Fire and Rescue Station. We hope the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all.”

Image 2 - IFE celebrates centenary

Dr Graham Cory, IFE CEO, added: “A hundred years ago, the Institution’s founders, including the then Chief Officer of Leicester Fire Brigade, formed the IFE with the purpose of promoting the science and practice of fire engineering. To mark the occasion with the launch of the Firefighter Safety Database emphasises our commitment to increasing understanding and therefore professional competence.

“The database represents an invaluable learning resource, containing information on incidents where firefighters either lost their lives or where their safety was seriously compromised. Through sharing this information, we hope to significantly reduce casualty rates at future incidents.”

The Firefighter Safety Database can be viewed here.

The Institution will be continuing its centenary celebrations throughout the year with events held around the globe, concluding with its annual International Conference and Centenary Ball in Edinburgh on 31st October – 1st November 2018. To read more about the IFE’s centenary click here

Image details: Top: Sir Peter Soulsby, Leicester City Mayor, unveils the IFE centenary plaque with CFO Rick Taylor, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, (left) and Dr Graham Cory, IFE CEO (centre). Bottom: Neil Gibbins, former IFE CEO, Dennis Davis, Life Fellow of the IFE, Dr Peter Wilkinson, Chairman of the IFE Board of Directors, Dr Graham Cory, IFE CEO, Martin Shipp, IFE International President, CFO Rick Taylor, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service and George Almond, Life Fellow of the IFE with the centenary torch. Photo credit www.thestudio17.co.uk


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