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17 August 2020

Introducing the IFE corporate membership service

Offering a tailored service, catered to individual organisation’s needs and delivering a rewarding professional membership is at the heart of the IFE’s new corporate membership scheme which launched earlier this year.

This new way of working offers businesses, including fire services and private sector organisations, an alternative to the traditional routes to membership and IFE services as an individual. Each offering is created collaboratively with the organisation to deliver a unique membership package.  

Gill Haynes, IFE Corporate Account Manager, explains more: “Throughout the whole journey from initial enquiry to membership, I work closely with the business concerned to understand their needs in order to develop a proposal that is fit for them and their employees.

“Each proposal is different. It might be that an organisation simply wants its workforce to hold IFE membership, in addition it could be that they would like exam entries for their employees or CPD accreditation. The idea behind corporate membership is offering businesses access to the suite of IFE services which they can pick and choose from in order to create a membership that provides benefits at a total business and individual employee level.”

Benefits of IFE membership includes access to fire professionals from all around the world, the opportunity to further CPD and training, deliver personal and professional recognition and reduce corporate risk through third party accreditation to name but a few.

Gill continues: “Developing a concept from scratch which results in a membership benefitting multiple individuals as well as the wider fire sector is rewarding for all involved. If your organisation is interested in IFE membership, please do get in touch.”

To find out more about IFE corporate membership click here.


Chris Bilby   15/09/2020 at 12:30

This is possibly the most ambitious and ground breaking project the IFE have embarked on for many years. It will allow any fire industry organisation, in the UK or globally, in protection or operational response, front facing or support, to utilise and embed the professional services and reputation of the IFE into their business.

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