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08 August 2019

New International President installed at 2019 International Conference

The IFE is pleased to introduce 2019-2020 International President, Bruce Varner CFIFireE.

Immediately following the AGM, Bruce opened the IFE’s International Conference, which focussed on the theme of ‘Professionalism and Ethics in the Fire Sector.’
With keynote speeches from Roy Wilsher, chair of NFCC and Ann Millington, Chief Executive of Kent FRS it was a compelling few days for delegates. There was also the opportunity for delegates to have their say as workshops on a range of subjects were hosted by various experts, including ‘Passive fire safety measures’ from ASFP and ‘Global Fire Research’ with UL’s Sean DeCrane.

Bruce observed that:

Brighton was the perfect host for our 2019 International Conference, the sun was shining and the calibre of speakers and insights that they provided to our delegates was first rate.

Bruce Varner, International President 2019-2020

He continued: "We hope that all of our delegates, sponsors and exhibitors had a thoroughly enriching and rewarding few days. Thank you to all those that contributed and supported the event. We look forward to announcing plans for our International Conference 2020 in due course.”

Bruce has been an active member of the IFE for many years, notably as the IGA representative for the IFE USA Branch. He also keeps active within the fire sector in general, as a member of Arizona Fire Chiefs Association, California Fire Chiefs, Western Fire Chiefs, California State Firefighters Association, National Fire Protection Association, Sonoma County Fire Chiefs, International Association of Fire Chiefs, International Society of Fire Service Instructors, Fire Department Safety Officers Association and a Companion Fellow of the IFE.

Reflecting on the year ahead, Bruce said:

“As the International President I’m looking forward to meeting branches and seeing how they work within our ethos and what we, as an internationally reaching charity, can take away from their experiences. I will also be getting together an exciting array of speakers, sponsors and workshop leaders for our own International Conference in 2020.

It is my intention that we continue looking forward and meet each challenge that comes up within the ever-changing fire-sector. We will also ensure that our focus is always on the IFE as an international membership organisation, and have the drive to reflect that in all of our work.

Bruce Varner, International President 2019-2020


As International President, Bruce sits on the IFE’s Board of Directors.

Meet the Board


Michael W Robinson   12/09/2019 at 19:10

Congratulations to Chief Varner as he takes the helm as the leader of this great organization! He brings to the table a legacy of fire service experience with a focus on leadership! Best wishes sir as you move the IFE forward!

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