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19 November 2018

RE18 showcases the latest in fire-related research

Returning for its 22nd year, the popular annual Fire Related Research and Developments (RE18) conference took place earlier this week in Birmingham. Kindly hosted by West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters, the event provided an opportunity for practitioners and academics to discuss cutting-edge research across the fire-related disciplines.

Contributions came from all over the globe to include a range of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, science, technology, leadership, management and engineering. Delegates were able to select from a choice of presentations on the day, with each generating much discussion and debate throughout the conference.

Presentation topics included the journey to improved firefighter safety; engaging with diverse businesses for fire safety compliance; female firefighter health and well-being; development of an AI-based decision aid technology for firefighting; and disability perspectives in evacuation methodologies.

"This conference is unique in that it doesn’t just show how such research is advancing our understanding of fire but how the theory is being translated into action.”

Poster presentation subjects included lessons learned from the 2017 hurricane season in the US and a comparative appraisal of recent and proposed changes in the fire and rescues services in England and Scotland.

Dr Anne Eyre from the RE18 event team, said: “Even in its 22nd year we never fail to receive a fantastic response to our call for presentations with submissions from researchers and practitioners across the globe who are keen to share their findings with the fire community.”

Rowena Hill from the RE18 event team added: “There are numerous opportunities for delegates within the fire world to exchange ideas and knowledge throughout the day. This conference is unique in that it doesn’t just show how such research is advancing our understanding of fire but how the theory is being translated into action.”

The presentations and the poster abstracts, displayed throughout the day, were judged by an independent panel, with awards being presented to Emily Watkins from the University of Brighton for her presentation about female firefighter health and well-being. The judges awarded Peter Murphy from Nottingham Trent University, Kirsten Greenhalgh from the University of Nottingham and Peter Ecklesley from Nottingham Trent University for their poster presentation titled ‘A comparative appraisal of recent and proposed changes to the fire and rescue services in England and Scotland’. The awards were presented by sponsors W.L Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd and Fire magazine.

Thank you to our delegates, speakers and award sponsors for supporting RE18 and making the event a huge success.

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Michael Brown   24/04/2019 at 05:27

Interesting event-I’d be interested to learn what type of research was presented-where can i find out more? Michael

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