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13 March 2019

RE19 - call for papers

The 23rd annual conference on fire related research and developments is returning this year on 13th November 2019. Individuals and organisations are invited to submit a presentation proposal which focuses on current research studies and innovative projects.

The event, supported by the IFE and Nottingham Trent University, showcases evidence-based practice, capability and cutting-edge research. The conference attracts a wide audience from across the emergency services, the fire industry, research communities and other private or public sectors interested in the latest fire related issues, developments and concerns. This gives the conference its distinctive multi-disciplinary and multi-agency flavour.

We particularly encourage students, new researchers and those in the initial stages of projects, who will benefit from valuable and supportive feedback from more experienced researchers and practitioners at the conference.

If you are interested in presenting, please submit a short summary of your work (complete or in progress) using the application form below and return it by email here by Friday 26th April 2019.  

RE19 will be held at West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters in Birmingham City Centre.

Application Form


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