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01 June 2021

Volunteers’ Week 2021

Today marks the start of Volunteers’ Week 2021, a campaign that recognises and thanks millions of volunteers for their contributions.

Here at the IFE, we are using this week to thank our volunteers around the world for their time, effort and dedication in underpinning our work to illuminate a fire safe future. Our campaign will also showcase the valuable role volunteers play at the IFE and how they have gone above and beyond during this challenging year.


IFE Volunteers

Volunteers play a crucial role in ensuring we deliver our vision of enabling fire professionals to shape a world safer from fire. We are fortunate to have over 500 volunteers around the world who assist in every area of the organisation. Their roles include: supporting the Membership Applications Assessment Panel, IFE Registrants Group, Fire Risk Assessors and Auditors panel, setting exam questions, invigilating exams, marking question papers, becoming a Board Trustee, volunteering on the Technical Strategic Advisory Group, running a Special Interest Group, joining a branch council as well as representing the IFE in working groups and industry forums.

Across the course of this week, make sure you keep an eye on our social media channels to find out what these different volunteering roles involve and to hear from some of our volunteers about their experiences and highlights of being an IFE volunteer.


A message from IFE CEO, Steve Hamm

Steve Hamm, IFE CEO, gives special thanks to our volunteers:

“We are so fortunate to have a huge range of volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to developing the IFE and enhancing the services we provide to members. I thank you all.

Over the last year, we have all faced challenges in our professional and personal lives, having to adapt due to changes brought about by the global pandemic and adopt new ways of working. Our volunteers have been inspirational throughout, embracing new technology to conduct a whole range of tasks in order to ensure the IFE has continued to operate as business as usual.

It has been encouraging to see volunteers going that extra mile to attend virtual meetings and conduct the likes of application reviews, panel interviews and setting exam questions remotely, not to mention all of the efforts we have seen from our branches worldwide who have continued to supply CPD opportunities which are valued so highly by our members.”


Get to know some of the IFE Volunteers

We have been speaking to our volunteers about their roles, experiences, and highlights of volunteering:

  1. Andrew Sharrad, International President and Board Trustee: Throughout my career, I have been able to demonstrate to my employers that I have gained further knowledge and continued my self-improvement through my volunteering with IFE. This has shown to benefit the organisations that I work for, through both my expanded knowledge and ability to tap into a valuable network of fire professionals worldwide.”
  2. Chong Xin Xi, IFE Malaysia Branch volunteer: “My favourite part of being a volunteer is meeting interesting people from different backgrounds but who all share a common interest and passion. Volunteering for the IFE has given me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing that I am contributing and making a change to the industry and society.”
  3. Steve Halstead, MAAP volunteer: “The opportunity to volunteer for the IFE is a privileged position that should be recognised for the personal development opportunities that it brings. The benefits of engaging with some of the leading authorities in fire engineering should never be underestimated, which will broaden horizons and allow individuals to dip their toes into an ocean of knowledge.”

Hear from some of our volunteers in more detail in our new volunteer spotlights:

  1. Get to know IFE Board Trustee, Hao-Giang Tay
  2. Learn about Steve Emery’s role as the Heritage Buildings Special Interest Group Chair
  3. Hear from Rob Allen about being an IFE exams volunteer


Benefits of IFE Volunteering

Both professional and personal gains can be achieved through volunteering. Through our various panels, branches and committees, you have the opportunity to develop your personal skills, grow and share your knowledge and network with other professionals who you might not usually have the chance to interact with. This interesting and rewarding opportunity also enables you to support and advance fire engineering and give something back to the profession.

It is proven that volunteering will help you meet new people, develop new skills, contribute to your continuing professional development (CPD), and perhaps even advance your career.

The benefits of an individual volunteering also extend to their employer. Employers can benefit from the enhanced professional development and possible job satisfaction and company loyalty of the employee, the closer working relationships it allows within networks, the possible added depth and breadth to the organisation’s technical knowledge base, plus the enlightened attitude to staff development which can attract premium quality candidates. Employers can be proud that their employees are contributing to the development of the fire profession and helping to illuminate a fire safe future.


How to get involved

To find out more about our volunteer opportunities, contact Gill Haynes.

If you would like to get involved with your local Branch, contact details are available here.


Sameer Kangutkar   08/06/2021 at 01:49

Excellent job. I want to become a volunteer

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