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19 July 2018

Nominations for Board of Director vacancies are now open

Nominations for two vacancies on the Board of Directors are now open.

This year the Nominations Committee has determined that the Board would benefit in particular from the appointment of female candidates; serving Chief Fire Officers; and candidates with professional qualifications or substantial experience in corporate finance/ accountancy; law; marketing and/or communications. Candidates who satisfy one or more of these criteria, and who are prepared to make a significant commitment to the success of the Institution, are particularly encouraged to put themselves forward for election. But that need not stop others from doing so if they believe they have a strong portfolio of relevant skills and experience.

To put forward a nomination, please download, complete and return the nomination form to company.secretary@ife.org.uk by 12 noon BST on 20 August 2018.


Future developments

The elections for the IFE Board in 2018 are being run just as we address the matter of the incorporation of a new company, and its registration as a charity, in England.

In the event that a new company is incorporated with a view to discharging all the current organisation’s functions, it is the Board’s intention that all those elected to the Board of the IFE in 2018 will automatically become directors of the new company, remaining directors of both companies for the duration of their terms of office. (It is not expected that the formal duties required of directors of the old company will take more than a few minutes each year, and these would be dealt with either by email or in short meetings arranged to occur before or after Board meetings of the new company.)

Dr Graham Cory
Chief Executive and Company Secretary


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