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Get the professional recognition you deserve

Membership of the IFE provides you with a variety of benefits as well as the following:

  • For graded membership, professional recognition in the global fire sector through the use of post nominal, (letters after your name)
  • Improved career prospects and employability
  • Higher earning potential
  • Demonstration of a professional attitude valued by employers and customers
  • International recognition of competence and commitment
  • Evidence of expertise
  • Greater influence within your own organisation and industry depending on your membership grade

If you live outside the UK, we encourage you to contact your local branch (if available) first.

If a local branch is not available, you prefer to deal with us directly, or you live in the UK, please apply directly to the IFE through the ‘Membership’ tab.

Have further questions? Have a look at the 'Membership and Registration' FAQ's page.